Andorra is officially known as a princedom and is found nestled between France and Spain in the middle of the Pyrenees. This assures that there is some fantastic scenery there. It’s known for two things – skiing and duty-free shopping. The country is so dominated by the duty-free shopping industry that if it weren’t for the surrounding mountains you’d almost swear you were in Hong Kong. In fact, my initial thought was this: “This place is like Hong Kong meets the Sound of Music”. There are shopping plazas and construction everywhere you look, so if you go, don’t expect a mountain paradise. It’s a tiny country, covering just about 470 square kilometers.

Andorra is home to about 70,000 people, but the native Andorrans are actually outnumbered by Spaniards. The language is Catalan, which is kind of a combination of Spanish and French. I found it very confusing, however if you speak either one, you can do fine. I didn’t really find too many highlights in Andorra. Pretty much just an abundance of shopping. But it was still cool to see it, if for no other reason than just because of the novelty of it all…


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