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Around the beginning of April, the X Man's grammy (my mother), aunt Tracy (my sister), and two cousins Brianna and Logan came to Italy to visit him. My mom had been to Italy before, so she spent most of her time here bonding with Xavier, while Virginia and I were able to show Tracy and Brianna a few of the local sights. Venice, of course, was Tracy's favorite. In fact, she loved it so much that we went back a few days later because she couldn't get enough. I know exactly how she feels, I never want to leave myself everytime we go.

Here are some photos from the visit...


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Grammy and the X Man meet for the first time

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Grammy holds the X Man for the first time

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Xavier and Logan check each other out while Brianna chokes Grammy

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Jetlag catches up to Brianna

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Xavier snacks on Grammy's finger

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Grammy wore the X Man out

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Xavier in the new Jolly Jumper that Grammy brought for him

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Grammy gets the X Man to eat cereal for the first time

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Brianna feeds the X Man

VENICE! (click here for Rik's Venice page)
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Tracy and Brianna enjoy their gelato while Rik checks the map

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Brianna discovers Italian pizza

p1010569.jpg (68271 bytes)

And the pizza discovers her face

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Tracy finds a cool ad in a local magazine

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The Grandchildren
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p1010589.jpg (63374 bytes)


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Mt Berico, overlooking Vicenza

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Grammy got distracted by the bells

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Bassano del Grappa and back to Venice (Click here for Rik's Bassano page)
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Brianna poses in the Irish Pub for daddy

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Brianna and daddy's favorite beer

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Rik demonstrates the proper way to drink a 'Mas'

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Wait, who's taking the pictures here?


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