"Bella Napoli". In alot of ways, Naples is Italy. To quote Lonely Planet once again, "You will leave Naples with a head of its classic images - laundry strung across narrow streets, three people and a dog on one vespa, cars speeding along alleys no wider than a driveway...". And it's true. Naples was exactly the picture I had always had in my head of what Italy would look like. Naples is not a city to be seen so much as it is to be experienced.

Nothing can quite prepare you for Naples. I was there to visit Randy Pouliot, one of my best friends who was stationed there with the Air Force, and he had told me alot of things about life there. I had a hard time believing some of it until I actually witnessed it - such as cars that don't stop at red lights and police that witness such things but don't care.

Naples also tops my list as the most beautiful city in Europe. It's the most densely populated city in all of Europe, and the city, with Mt Vesuvious looming over it in the background make it an awesome sight. Not to mention that it sits right on the water. But Naples is also dangerous. If you do go, be very careful; it has probably the highest level of petty crime and theft, and don't even think about driving there if you can help it.

Regrettably, I only spent a couple days there and didn't get any good pictures beyond the ones burned into my memory.

Here are a couple anyway...

A good view of the city on a cloudy (smoggy) day

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The Bay Of Naples

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