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Though I've rode the train all through The Netherlands, the only city I've actually explored is Amsterdam. By far the craziest city in Europe, you never know what you're going to see there. I would recommend going there on April 30th, which is Queen's Day, the Dutch version of our Independence Day.

An interesting fact about The Netherlands:

1. With an estimated wealth of 5.2 billion, The Netherland's Queen Beatrix is the richest ruler in Europe.

(If you'd like more information on the Netherlands, check out this link:

It's the personal blog of a friend named Jori, aka MissT, a Filipina who relocated to Utrecht in Holland a few years back. She has a lot of interesting - and sometimes humorous - observations on life there.)



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This is what you see when you walk out the train station

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A common sight in Amsterdam - one of the hundreds of canals

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A typical shop in the famous Redlight District

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These are the windows that the girls stand in at night in the RLD...

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