The Quebec Clowns






































































This was a funny incident. I was in Quebec City with Eric and his friend Mike Camp a few years back. We were in the city center and there were a couple of those street performer guys dressed up like clowns that had attracted a crowd. They were getting people involved in their act, so we were kind of standing in the back watching from a safe distance. One of the clowns asked for a volunteer from the crowd and Eric, God love him, pushes me forward and yells "Right here!". So the clown comes over and starts asking me questions in a high, squeaky voice. He asked where I come from, and I answered Nashua, just north of Boston. He starts getting more excited, and saying "Boston? Boston?". I'm standing there not knowing what to say, and so, thinking I'm in the land of hockey, I say "Yep...Boston Bruins...". The clown, trying to entertain, is getting really animated at this point, and starts repeating, in his sqeaky voice, "Bruins! Boston Bruins! They are good, the Bruins?!". Not realizing that I should just shut up, I keep going, which is just making things worse. I say "Yep...they're going to win the Stanley Cup...". At this, the clown just loses it. He starts yelling at the top of his lungs in his high pitched squeaky voice, "Really?! They're going to win the Stanley Cup?! YAY!! THE BRUINS ARE GOING TO WIN THE STANLEY CUP!!!". The clown is running all over the city square yelling at people - "THE BRUINS ARE GOING TO WIN THE STANLEY CUP! THE BOSTON BRUINS ARE GOING TO WIN THE STANLEY CUP!!!". People are just staring at him like he's a freak. I turn around, looking for Eric or Mike to help me out, and I see them about 100 yards away laughing their asses off. I immediately run to catch up with them, cursing Eric for deserting me and making me look like an idiot, and he's like "hey, you're the one standing there trying to carry on a conversation with a street clown...".

To this, I could only laugh uncontrollably, because he was absolutely right.

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