If you've ever been to Montreal, Canada, then you know what poutine is. If you've never been, then let me enlighten you - poutine is basically just french fries with cheese curds and smothered in gravy. The locals love it, and you can get it everywhere up there. Eric introduced me to it on our first trip to Montreal and I was immediately hooked.

So after the first trip, I was talking with a woman at work who was originally from the Montreal area. She was asking me how I enjoyed it there, and I said it was great. I said, "I had so much poutine I thought I was gonna throw up!". At this, her face grew ashen. She says, "Excuse me...? What did you say?". I repeated myself, which caused her to just stare at me with her jaw agape. I say "Hugette, why are you looking at me like that?" She asks me what I was talking about, and I tell her, "you know, poutine, the french fries with cheese and gray, you must know what I'm talking about...". She breathes a sigh of relief and says, "Oh, you mean pou-tin...thank God...". I argued with her about the pronouciation, and she tells me that the way I was pronoucing it was wrong. I was pronouncing it 'pou-tain' which, in Canada, means 'whore'. So that would explain why she had the look of horror when I said what I did. It was a very funny moment as you can imagine.

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