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On October 26th, 2002, I married the former Virginia Rocapor Emocling. As you may recall from the last website update, Virginia is originally from the Philippines, however, she'd been living in Hong Kong for 10 years when I met her. I've always wanted to marry a "classic beauty", and I certainly found it in her. But more than that, I got lucky, because she's such an amazing person. Everyday she does something that just amazes me and further convinces me that I found the right girl.

The wedding story is pretty amazing. I won't get into it here, but if you know me, ask me and I'll be glad to tell you alllll about it. As far as the wedding itself, my brother Eric was the best man and my sister Tracy  was the Matron of Honor. Virginia designed her own dress, which received innumerable compliments. She had a dress shop in Hong Kong make it based on the design she gave them. They had it hanging in the shop and several people came in and actually asked how much it cost because they wanted it. The owner told them that it was not hers to sell. One lady actually offered to pay twice the cost - when the owner said she couldn't, the lady offered almost three times the price! So Virginia's wedding gown was truly one of a kind, and rest assured that someday our daughter will wear it and it will be passed down our family tree and hopefully all the future Thibodeau women will wear it.

Without further ado, here are the wedding pics...


Here's a couple of my best friends, Mike and Jen Buczynski at the wedding rehearsal:

mjvr.jpg (22965 bytes)

The next couple pics are from the rehearsal dinner at Martha's Exchange in Nashua...

fam2.jpg (31619 bytes)

fam3.jpg (34790 bytes)

Here's how I spent my last hour as a free man...Dunkin Donuts large regular with 2 sugars:

rikdd.jpg (27368 bytes)

The Bridal Party: Virginia, Tracy, Mom & Briana:

vmomtra.jpg (27553 bytes)

The lovely bride:

vwed.jpg (28724 bytes)

My brother in law Jim played the bagpipes outside the church to welcome our guests:

jimpipes1.jpg (45015 bytes)

We were married by Pastor Steve from my mom's church. (Steve played football at Stanford. As a Notre Dame fan, this caused quite a conundrum for me. But in the end, I decided that it was ok, since ND did steal Ty Willingham from them...)

pastor.jpg (18264 bytes)

Here's the happy couple, married at last:

rvwed3.jpg (23097 bytes)

rvwed2.jpg (24106 bytes)

rvwed4.jpg (20892 bytes)

vrwed1.jpg (22582 bytes)

vsitting.jpg (15217 bytes)

vturning.jpg (17837 bytes)

Cutting the cake:

cake.jpg (20604 bytes)

The First Dance:

firstdance.JPG (85055 bytes)

Brianna enjoying some bubbly:

bridrink.jpg (18621 bytes)

Tracy (Matron of Honor) & Jim (Bagpiper):

tjimwed.jpg (22761 bytes)

Virginia, me, mom & dad:

vmomdad.jpg (39798 bytes)

Rik & Mom:

rikmomwed.jpg (17980 bytes)

Dad & Virginia:

vdad.jpg (15502 bytes)

Rik & Virginia with Dad & Nancy:

dadnanv.jpg (21216 bytes)

The Thibodeau family with the newest member:

weddingfam.jpg (79377 bytes)

More Wedding Photos!

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