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Here are some photos from the past few years in Europe...

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Brussels, Belgium:

brussels.jpg (41820 bytes)

Eating A doner kabob on the banks of the Main River in Kitzingen, Germany:

doner.jpg (62964 bytes)

Enjoying a hefeweizen at a German Volksfest in Kaiserslautern:

kaiser.jpg (40098 bytes)

After a messy game of flag football:

mud.jpg (54206 bytes)

Modeling my new panty house. It's supposed to prevent blisters on a road march. It didn't work.

phose.jpg (42560 bytes)

At the tap, pouring a Guinness at the Irish House in Kaiserslautern, Germany:

pouring.jpg (73223 bytes)

On stage singing the "Wild Rover" in front of a packed house in Nuremburg, Germany:

stage.jpg (48299 bytes)

On stage singing the "Wild Rover" again, this time in Salzburg, Austria:

stage2.jpg (51013 bytes)

Celebrating France's stunning 3-0 upset of Brazil in World Cup 98

worldcup.jpg (35511 bytes)

One of my favorite drinks - Kahlua!

jun10$01.jpg (70208 bytes)

Acting like an idiot with a new friend in Marostica:

rikmannequin1.jpg (58604 bytes)

Barbequing on my front balcony:

apr08$02.jpg (120364 bytes)

Hiking on Lantau Island in Hong Kong:

riknhk_1.jpg (35006 bytes)

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