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My parents are both from a city in NH called Claremont, which sits right on the Vermont border. It's a pretty area, but Claremont itself is home to some of the most backwards, strangest looking people you've ever seen. In fact, we refer to it as MutantVille. We even have Mutant sightings - as soon as we hit the city limits, we start the clock and see how long it takes to spot our first mutant. I believe the current record is somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty seconds.

So anyway, several years back, Eric and I were there visiting my Pepere. We made our daily pilgrimage to Dunkin Donuts for coffee with my dad's dog CJ in the truck with us and went through the drive-through in hopes of keeping the contact with mutants to a minimum. But alas, our efforts were in vain; a semi-mutant was working the window. As she's giving us our coffee, CJ is being a pest, trying to stick his nose out the window in Eric's ear. The lady notices CJ and remarks, "oh what a beautiful dog!". Eric, ever the comedian, says, "You like him? Two jelly donuts and he's yours...", to which the lady replies, "Oh, I don't want the jelly donuts, but I'll take that dog!". Eric and I just looked at each other. It was a classic Claremont moment.

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