Xavier's First Trip to the Philippines







































































Here are some photos from the X Man's first trip to his mom's home country, the Philippines:

phil1.jpg (162551 bytes)

Xavier and his Lolo

phil2.jpg (66466 bytes)

Xavier and his cousins

phil3.jpg (68670 bytes)

Riding in a motorcycle

phil4.jpg (59930 bytes)

His cousin, Jamaica Jane

phil5.jpg (63330 bytes)

His lolo, Virginia's dad

phil6.jpg (62309 bytes)


phil7.jpg (58442 bytes)

Lolo Herminigildo

phil8.jpg (62046 bytes)

His aunt Merlyn

phil9.jpg (63985 bytes)

With Lola Agripina

phil10.jpg (69822 bytes)
phil11.jpg (69632 bytes)

Another cousin

phil12.jpg (65714 bytes)

Finding a shell

phil13.jpg (64365 bytes) phil14.jpg (66375 bytes)

A Tilapia, very popular in the PI

phil15.jpg (70318 bytes)

Meeting the family cow

phil16.jpg (67498 bytes) phil17.jpg (70193 bytes) phil18.jpg (69399 bytes)

With mom in Baguio City

phil19.jpg (70720 bytes) phil20.jpg (62829 bytes)

In the PI, they don't call them bathrooms, they call them "comfort rooms"

phil21.jpg (71906 bytes)

With the cousins

phil22.jpg (70279 bytes) phil23.jpg (75978 bytes) phil24.jpg (67197 bytes)

Lola Agripina

phil25.jpg (67867 bytes)

The Botanical Gardens in Baguio City

phil26.jpg (66390 bytes)

Virginia's mom, Agripina

phil27.jpg (63492 bytes) phil36.jpg (61320 bytes)

Learning how to use the stereo

phil30.jpg (141607 bytes)


phil31.jpg (66284 bytes)

Playing on the farm

phil32.jpg (66230 bytes)

Playing with the cousins

phil33.jpg (58540 bytes)

Learning the Spaghetti dance

phil34.jpg (66162 bytes)

Hanging out on the beach

phil35.jpg (59869 bytes)

Getting a bath from his tita (aunt)

phil29.jpg (61608 bytes)

In the plane going back to Hong Kong


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