Xavier's First Visit to the US






































































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Saying goodbye at the airport

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Giving grammy a kiss

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Edie meets the X Man

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Pepere and his great-grandson

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Uncle Eric and Pepere

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Uncle Eric and the X Man

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Xavier helps Grammy shovel the driveway

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The X Man is introduced to snow

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He loved playing on Grammy's rocking horse!

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Mommy and the X Man at the mall

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At the pet store

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He loves looking at fish for some reason

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Daddy's Uncle Fred and the X Man

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Playing in the tub with his cousins

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More fun in the snow

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Daddy's Aunt Janet and her dog

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Xavier learns why Daddy hates the cold

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Helping Grammy sort her coins

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Xavier naps on Daddy's friend Mike

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Xavier rides the bus with his cousins

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The X Man and Uncle Eric

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Xavier plays with Uncle Eric

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Xavier and his cousin Brianna

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Xavier and Auntie Tracy

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Grammy says goodbye to the X Man

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Xavier getting his groove on with the airport lady

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Grammy and Uncle Eric say goodbye

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