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More photos of some of my friends...

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Giovanni & Simonetta Pitt

Another good friend, Ranger John Pitt. He introduced me to alot of good things and places here in Italy. He's also a good hiking buddy, as you can see:

sep01$04.jpg (177284 bytes)

sep01$08.jpg (56141 bytes)

Recently, Ranger Pitt joined the ranks of the betrothed (Buckle up and put your seat to the upright position dude, it's gonna be a wild ride!). His bride was an Italian beauty named Simonetta. Here's a picture from their wedding:

beachwedding.jpg (134066 bytes)

Here's Pitt with Simonetta's brother & her papa

pittbbq.jpg (142974 bytes)

Pitt and Simo's mama

pittmama.jpg (138113 bytes)

Virginia and I with Simo's Family

simofamily.jpg (155041 bytes)

simofam2.jpg (153300 bytes)

Ranger Pitt, Rik & Virginia

usandpitt.jpg (138643 bytes)

Here's me and Ranger Pitt, along with Mark and Jane, after a long day of hiking at Cinque Terra:

sep01$07.jpg (76809 bytes)


Me and Paul Hanover at the Sports Bar in Kitzingen, Germany:

hanover.jpg (37968 bytes)

My Turkish friend Kid, who I met in the aforementioned Sports Bar in Kitzingen:

kid.jpg (37614 bytes)

Cech, me, Greg, Steve, and Brandon Coffey at one of our barbeques:

may28$04.jpg (99388 bytes)

Tammi, Kris, me, Kirk, and Coffey (in front). Kris and his wife Stacy Kirkpatrick (Kirk) are a couple of really good friends who happen to be from Vermont.

may28$02.jpg (103750 bytes)

Two of my best girls, Tammi & Kirk: OK, I was a LITTLE drunk...

may28$01.jpg (74650 bytes)

Me and my good Italian friend Giovanni making a toast on New Year's, 2001. I can't remember who the guy on the right is...

jan01$19.jpg (111278 bytes)

My one-time Platoon Sergeant, SFC Mason:

dec19^03.jpg (112274 bytes)

Here are a few of my best friends from back home...

Mike and Jen Buczynski with their 2 kids, Andrew and Alyssa

bucz.jpg (113963 bytes)

bucz3.jpg (73117 bytes)

Here's Mike and Jen's boy Andrew with Jaycen Hudson, the oldest son of my friends Matt and Kelly Hudson (They live next door to Mike and Jen) - Hey Matt & Kelly! If you see this, send me a picture for the website!!!

bucz2.jpg (50887 bytes)

My oldest friend in the world, Dave Broussard, who we affectionately call "the Slav"

dave1.jpg (49269 bytes)

Dave doing his impression of The Emporer

dave2.jpg (52286 bytes)

My good buddy Bob Gorman...

rikbobg.jpg (48490 bytes)

...And his lovely wife Mary

rikmaryg.jpg (29102 bytes)

Virginia and I with some of the General Dynamics crew at Sean Og's in Helidelberg

seano.jpg (59425 bytes)

A couple guys I work with, SFC Robert DeRosia & SFC Shawn Norcross (my boss). On the right is SFC Norcross' oldest daughter.

norcrossderos.jpg (36598 bytes)

Jeremy & Jenny Bruns. I worked with Jeremy for a long time and he's an outstanding guy, as well as a fantastic soldier - everything I'm not, ha ha! His wife Jenny is such a great lady - and she's Canadian too! Jeremy sure lucked out...

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