Here are some of the good friends I've met since I've been in Europe

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We must start with Steve and Tammi Lentz, probably the best friends I've had over here:

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At the Irish Pub in Luxembourg with "The Beer Man":

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Steve learns that Sam Adams is the best beer in America:

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Here's me and Manu, Tammi's best friend in Germany who married an American guy and now lives in the US:

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Mike and Karen Rayfield, 2 more of my best friends:

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Here's Captain Kevin Kuss, my one-time boss and a good friend who has provided me with alot of laughs. I'm truly a better person for having known CPT Kuss:

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Mark and Jane Santaw, 2 more good friends that I miss greatly - Jane got a job in Germany and they moved there March 1. (Interesting side note: Mark is from Vermont, and went to high school with my cousin Brent.). Mark and Jane also recently had their first child, a cute little boy they named Justin. Click HERE  to check out Mark and Jane's website.

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Here are a couple of good friends from back home that I was able to hang out with while they were still in Europe...

My buddy Steve Lester:

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Steve and I at the Devil's Forest Pub in Venice

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A few pictures from Steve's recent visit to Vicenza:

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Randy Pouliot (who is now an Officer in the Air Force) and I, enjoying our Dr. Pepper at the Trinity College Pub in Rome:

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To see more pictures, click here: More Friends

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