Here are some of my favorite memories...


Sledding down the hill across the street.

Paper wasp fights at Griffin Memorial School - they were legendary.

Dad's llama shag rug on his bedroom wall.

Stealing the ball from Tommy Vachon and making the winning shot against a heavily favored Hamm basketball team - they were undefeated and thrashed us in the first meeting.

Scoring 2 goals in a stunning 3-2 upset over the Lions in the final of the VFW Cup Youth Soccer Tournament - they were also undefeated and beat us 8-0 in the first meeting.

Dad's evil looking Troll doll - he used to make me cry by chasing me around the house with it, saying it was going to come to life and eat me.

The Litchfield Drive-In

Playing hockey on the pond

Parties at Barb Taylor's house while her parents were away.

The legendary 2 weeks spent at Steve Lester's house in the summer of '88 while his parents were away.

The one that got away on the Connecticut River in Pittsburg.

Living at the beach house with Mike and Scott.

The time that Eric found Mom's secret stash of jelly beans - he threw the bag to Tracy, the bag ripped, and the jelly beans went everywhere...

Cliff diving near Asiago, Italy.

The Baseball Bunch

"RAW is WAR" with Dave and Scott (EH! EH! EH! EH!)

The Big Three

The marshmallow fight we had while Memere was babysitting.

The time Dave whipped a peeled grape at me - and it went inside my ear.

The Infamous "Spitball Incident" with Jodi Grant


The Superfriends

Elaine Miller's parents' camp.

Catching a drumstick at a Stryper concert.

The day we got home from Kosovo

The first time I kissed Virginia.

Having an entire conversation in French with a cute girl on the train home from Strasbourg.

The singing Hispanic kids in the swimming pool in Florida during our Disney World vacation - "Yust a Yiga-lo!"...

Eric running around the hotel in his underwear yelling "Hey look everybody, I'm dad!", during the same trip.

Breaking into the neighbor's house so I could play with their toys.

Mint Milk.

Our Bunk beds.

Sundays after church with Dad.

Bendy straws at Friendly's.

Friday nights - Homemade sundaes, The Incredible Hulk, and The Dukes of Hazzard.

Hiking in the Alps with Dad and Eric.

My first Guinness.

The World Cup '94 Quarterfinal between Italy and Spain that Dave and I went to.

Anytime Randy and I got together

"Oh that's de-JONG!!!!"

Tecmo Bowl

My Pac-Man T-shirt.

French Class with Mr. Cote.

The time I was 4 years old and called Mom a mother****** (I didn't know what it meant, but I heard Dad say it...).

The time I was 10 years old and called Mom a dildo (I was 10 - I didn't even know what it was!).

Superbowl XXXVI

The Strasbourg/Luxembourg trip with Steve and Tammi.

My first real Italian cappuccino.

Raiding the snack bar at the Litchfield Drive-In.

Riding our bikes to Convenient.

Playing GI Joe in the sand pit.

Crossing the finish line at the "Run To The Tower" - a 12K road race from Camp Darby to the Leaning Tower Of Pisa.

Cross country road trip in 1995, from Boston to Las Vegas.

The time I caught Jen Mooradian under the mistletoe, Christmas 1988.

Buying a pack of TOPPS baseball cards and finding an All-Star or a Red Sox card.

Memere & Pepere's pool.

New Year's Eve 1998/99 in London with Steve, Angela and Allison.

My first game at Fenway Park

Wednesday Under 21 nights at Franklin Pierce College. It mostly included depressing music and a road trip to the Dunkin Donuts in Keene.

Monopoly marathons with Eric, Dennis Roy, and Mike Brown.

St Patrick's Day 2001 in Florence with Kuss.

When Mike Rayfield tried to use the 'hole' at the Mexican restaurant after too many marguiritas.

Raven the Fat

Omelets at Steve and Tammi's

Watching Celtics games with the sound turned down and Johnny Most on the radio.

Yaz - my first favorite baseball player.

Star Wars figures.

The A-Team

Wednesday night Youth Group meetings.

My first Rubik's Cube.

WKRP - weeknights at 7pm.

Building our tree forts.

Meeting Drew Bledsoe in the airport in Charlotte, NC.

Meeting Bobby Orr.

Notre Dame - National Champions, 1988.


The time in college when we locked my roommate Shane out of the room naked. Now THAT was funny...


Did I forget some of your favorites?

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